Tina Henderson, book design and production

Meet Tina Henderson: type addict, book junkie, and trusted expert in her industry.

Before her school years had even begun, Tina had already been introduced to the power of story. Her grandmother, an avid reader, created flashcards and taught her to read by the age of four. The library in her small Louisiana hometown soon became her preferred oasis, where she devoured every book she was given. Her love of books continued to grow over the years and is the reason Tina is devoted to the craft of book design and production.

Tina is well known for consistently delivering the highest quality work. Due to her flawless attention to detail, fast turn-around, and absolute reliability, she has garnered rave reviews from an expansive list of clients. Tina’s ability to take large, complicated projects and simplify them is one of her signature strengths. Her extensive referral-based clientele acknowledge Tina as a “stress reliever” who unravels complex jobs into a streamlined set of clear, concise tasks.

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