• EM_cover

    The Elephant Man

    This YA version of The Elephant Man was originally published in 1985. I designed the ebook for Garrett County Press in 2011. It was awarded a QED Seal for Quality, Excellence, and Design, by Digital Book World.

  • Muse_cover3_sized

    The Muse Is Always Half-dressed in New Orleans

    “New Orleans, background and foreground, dressed and undressed, is the story-source of Codrescu’s novels . . . New Orleans breathes slyly or quickly in all his stories.” I am a fan of Andrei Codrescu and was thrilled to produce the digital version of this collection of essays. Cover design by Kevin Stone.

  • Hurricane_cover_wider

    Never Clean Your House During Hurricane Season

    It was a pleasure to design and produce the print and digital versions of this self-published collection of articles by humor writer Liz Scott Monaghan. Cover design by Dean Cavalier.

  • GreatestClicks_cvr4

    Greatest Clicks: A Dog Photographer’s Best Shots

    This ebook compiles some of the best photos from this popular dog photographer’s print books. I designed and produced the epub version (not the Amazon Kindle version) of this title.

  • HD_cover_3_sized

    Yours Truly, by Hugh Downs

    This memoir by the former 20/20 anchor was originally published in 1960. It contains candid photos and stories about his childhood and prolific career. I produced the digital edition for Garrett Country Press in 2012. Cover design by Kevin Stone.